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Next time, just give it one star on Goodreads

Alethea Drexler archives assistant Gina and I have been numbering the rare books so that they will be easier to reshelve when they’re moved to the new space on the first floor. Yesterday afternoon, I pulled a volume of Wood’s

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The Electreat Mechanical Heart

by Kate Wilson, Archivist In processing the D. H. Rankin Medical Artifacts Collection I have found myself intrigued with the Electreat Mechanical Heart. I’m not really sure what draws me to this object- maybe the fact that we have six of

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And the Sorting Begins!

By Kate Wilson, Archivist The McGovern Historical Collections recently received a collection of early twentieth century medical artifacts. The collector, a family physician in Austin, Texas, had a personal interest in hearing related devices and quack medicine, so most of the objects in the

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Dental Decks

by Philip Montgomery This Dental Deck for the NDB exam appeared at the Texas Medical Center Library’s book drop. Staff on the circulation desk called the McGovern Historical Center and offered us the deck. We snapped it up. It is

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Trials of Trowels

by Philip Montgomery, archivist One of our volunteers found two trowels in a cabinet. The trowels are in excellent shape and relatively unused. I suppose they were used for the laying of a cornerstone or some masonry project related to

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Pulling Teeth from the Man of Steel

by Philip Montgomery, archivist I want to be perfectly clear at the beginning of this post that being an archivist is a tough job. I can’t even begin to describe the trials that come with being an archivist. You have

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Back in the saddle

by Alethea Drexler, archives assistant Figuratively, if not literally. Actually, we do have a saddle here at the McGovern Historical Research Center.  It came with the Methodist Hospital collection, although nobody at Methodist could tell Elizabeth White, at the

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Air and Rail, 1944

by Alethea Drexler, archives assistant Guess what? Ephemera! I found a new cache this week and it’s too beautiful not to share.  The following come from a series of items related to the early days of the newly-founded Texas

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The Archival Chamber of Horrors

by Alethea Drexler, archives assistant I have a different kind of scary blog post for you this week.  Well, it’s scary if you’re an archivist. Phil Montgomery, the archivist, and I do a lot of different things here, but

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Jones Motor Basal metabolism tester, 1937

by Alethea Drexler, archives assistant I am easily distracted by shiny objects. There is more to an archive than books and professional papers.  I’m a bit of a pop culture aficionado, as I’m sure our readers can tell from

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