Centennial Photo Display: 1960’s, Part II

Alethea Drexler
archives assistant

Last month’s image exhibit talked a little bit about the high rate of poliomyelitis in the Houston area during the 1940’s and 1950’s, and some of the institutions that sought to treat and rehabilitate its victims.

The following series is from the Victory Over Polio campaign, which set out to mass-vaccinate Harris county residents in July 1962.  It was sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce [Jaycees] and the Harris County Medical Society.

All of these are from Institutional Collection 004, the Harris County Medical Society, box 1 of the “Victory Over Polio” series.

Vaccination stations were set up at area schools.

Vaccination stations were set up at area schools.

IC004 HCMS polio box 1 07 Sabin sobbing JPG

Somebody at Lewis & Coker grocery was a comedian.

IC004 HCMS polio box 1 06 Weingarten JPG

Public service announcement at Weingarten’s grocery.

IC004 HCMS polio box 1 05 JPG

The little girl in the foreground seems to be thrilled that her vaccination comes in the form of a sugar cube and not a shot.

IC004 HCMS polio box 1 04 Colt 45 JPT

Members of the new Colt 45’s baseball team turned out to encourage trepidatious youngsters.

IC004 HCMS Polio box 1 01 JPG

These two are wrapped up in an early computer printout. The chalkboard in the background seems to be running figures on vaccination rates.

The money that was collected for the Victory campaign eventually formed the basis for the funding of the Health Museum, which began as an exhibit in the Museum of Natural Science.

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