Thingamajig answer

by Alethea Drexler

archives assistant

The research center will be closed until Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’m moving the blog post up a couple of days.

Last week’s Thingamajig was an H.G Fischer x-ray power source.  A similar one can be seen here at the online Museum of Electrotherapy.  The Museum’s model may be slightly older and is a freestanding one; ours appears to have been intended to be mounted on some other part of the x-ray apparatus.  You will notice, though, that the configuration of dials, gauges, and the central shifter with the knob handle is basically the same as that of ours.  The dials on the right-hand side controlled the kilovoltage, which seems to have influenced the brightness of the resulting image, and the dials on the left controlled the size and duration of the current moving through the filament in the x-ray tubes.

The Museum of Electrotherapy has a very nice collection of H.G. Fischer material.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Have a lovely weekend!

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