Thingamajig: lacquered case

By Alethea Drexler

 Archives Assistant

A request was made this past weekend that the Thingamajig feature be posted on the blog’s main page so that it could be tagged and archived, instead of being replaced completely every week.  So . . . here it is!
Black lacquered carrying case

This week’s Thingamajig came with the glass eyes from the estate of Dr. A.M. Autrey.  Luckily, the family provided an inventory of the items they donated, or I would never have figured out what these are!

They are stored in a black, lacquered tagboard case, which looks very much like an old-fashioned eyeglasses case, except that it’s just over a foot long.  (That’s an ordinary pair of household shears, for scale.)

Inside the carrying case.

If you pull off the end, you will find a collection of slender . . . things.

Long and slender

They are quite long and flexible.  They are thicker through the middle and taper to fine threads at both ends, and have small bulbous tips.

Tapering, with bulbous ends.

You can see the tapering and the bulbs better in this close-up.

These are made of a material that once had many uses, but now has essentially none, since we have plastics and nylon to replace it.

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